Statistics and Logical Reasoning

CA Profession requires analytical and quantitative skills to be applied in every part of a professional career. Logical reasoning helps the CA Foundation students to think practical, increase the screening skills and boosts analysing capability which are very crucial in CA Profession  CA Foundation Online video lectures of Brilliant Academy intends to develop the analytical ability of the students using basic mathematical and statistical techniques.

Statistics play a very vital role in enriching a specific domain or an area by collecting, analyzing data by applying various statistical methods and techniques and finally making statistical inferences about the domain.

The study of statistics helps students to organize the available data and present the data in a way easy to draw conclusions or decision making. Brilliant Academy solves various questions that help CA foundation students can develop reasoning skills to solve problems.

CA Foundation Online video lectures of Brilliant Academy provides comprehensive lectures on

  • Logical Reasoning – Number Series, Coding and Decoding and Odd Man Out, Direction Tests, Seating Arrangements, Blood Relations, Syllogism
  • Statistics – Statistical Description of Data, Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion, Probability, Theoretical Distributions, Correlation and Regression, Index Number and Time Series.

Starting Course

Discreption of Data
8 Lectures
Measure of Central Tendency & Dispersion
16 Lectures
Correlation & Regression
15 Lectures
Index Number
9 Lectures
16 Lectures
Theoroical distribution
14 Lectures
Logical reasoning
5 Lectures
6 Lectures
Time series
5 Lectures