Business Economics

Quite often we hear people complaining about the price hike or fall in market value, change in Tax structure, Pricing, GDP growth rate, etc., Sometimes we think why do we pay tax, how exchange rates are calculated and why is it varying, why WhatsApp and Facebook kind of social media are not charging for their services, what is the need for international trade agreements, etc.,

This paper helps you to understand these dynamics and provides you with the ability to interpret such dynamics happening around you.

At the CA Foundation level, studying economics helps to understand the social, political, technological, legal and environmental activities and making appropriate decisions.  Learning Business Economics which integrates economic theory with business practice will help in the process of business decision making.

Understanding Economics helps you to contribute to the further advancement of the Indian Economy. Business Environment can be said as a combination of internal and external factors that influences a business organization.

CA Foundation Online video lectures of Brilliant Academy provides comprehensive lectures on-

Fundamentals of Economics, Theory of Demand and Supply, Theory of Consumer Behaviour, Theory of Production and Costs, Analysis of Markets, Business Cycle

Course Content:

12 Lectures
Consumer Behavior
09 Lectures
05 Lectures
Theory of Production
06 Lectures
Theory of cost
13 Lectures
14 Lectures
Trade Cycles
05 Lectures
Nature and Scope of Economics
06 Lectures